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Pierre-Alexandre Renou is a french video game animator working in Canada at Compulsion Games, a first party game studio and subsidiary of Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios. He is the administrator of, a website on the craft of animation for games. 


For the past five years he has been collaborating with talented teams to create unique and engaging characters for both mobile and console. Most recently, he trained at the animation school iAnimate and was featured in the 2019 student showcase. Solidifying his understanding of body mechanics, he started as gameplay animator on Compulsion Games' unnanounced project. On the side, he continued to produce interviews and podcasts for


Outside of animation he particulary enjoys taking walks in Montreal that stop by the local cheese store where he can find his favorite french cheese. Which, to be transparent, rarely sees the light of the next day.

You can reach him on Twitter at @oni0nskin or by filling out the contact form.