September 2018 - February 2019

Tribute to Spider-Man : Into the Spider-Verse unique animation and visual style.
Background painting by Claire Magnier. 

The rest is made by me. 


Reboot of OnionSkin

November 2018 - February 2019

Reboot of the original website, with a stronger focus on what will make OnionSkin's identity: spotlight on freshly experienced animators to create a sense of solidarity and identification. At the same time, relay inspiring content from more experienced animators. "You might be good by yourself, but we're much stronger together".

Shut Down of OnionSkin

October 2018

Site shut down for unkown reasons, no answers from the website provider's customer service.

Creation of OnionSkin

January 2018

Creation of the website, intended to share knowledge and my passion for game animation