• Pierre Alexandre

iAnimate Games Walktrough

I started a course at the online school iAnimate, where I'm currently following the Games Workshop 2 : Combat, Takedowns and Advanced Techniques. Like many I'm sure, I hesitated quite some time before jumping into it. I'd like to walk you through my experience, week after week, so you can live with me what's it's like to be a student in this school. Ultimately, my goal is to give you the maximum information to help you make your choice. Please find the article down below. - Keep in mind this is my singular experience shared and that pictures or videos shown are a work in progress -

What's iAnimate? An online animation school (mostly) , where teachers are currently animators working in the industry.

How much is it?

My workshop (Games Workshop 2 ) is $1,698 USD.

How long is it? 11 weeks.

Who paid for it?

My company, Compulsion Games. Who's your teacher? Jeremy Collins (Blizzard, previously Disney).

What is it about? Delivering two polished action sequences (one combo attack, one melee attack). Which software is used?

Autodesk Maya.

What's the language? English, good level recommended.

What's the class like? It's a group video call. Every Tuesday is a lecture (~1 hour), every Thursday is a review (~15mins per student). When does it happen? At the time the teacher is available. Mine teaches at 9PM California's time, making it 12AM Montreal's time.

Is there homework? Yes, due for every review (Thursday). What's the "level" of the class? Mixed. I'm surrounded by students and animators from the industry. Is there interaction with the teacher? Absolutely. You're free and encouraged to ask questions. Is there interaction with the other students? Not really in my class. Communication is encouraged, though everyone spends more time listening than talking.

Week 1 :

Lecture : introduction to the course

Review : 3 poses from reference + reference for the combo attack

Reference (edited)

Week 2 :

Lecture : blocking (part 1) Review : blocking (1st pass) based on the reference

Week 3 : Lecture : blocking (part 2) Review : blocking (2nd pass) with more attention to timing.

Week 4 : Lecture : Splining (part1). Review : Splining + camera (1st pass)

Week 5 :

Lecture : Splining (part 2) + misc.

Review : Splining + camera (2nd pass)

Week 6 :

Lecture : Approach to takedowns

Review : Last review for the 1st assignment (combo attack)

Final Pass Render (almost final - animation still needs small adjustments)

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