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Selling The Force By Leveraging Physical Animation

Respawn senior software engineer Bartlomiej Waszak shares how the team sold the powers of the Force by using physical animation on enemies, using differents methods to find a balance between automatic solutions and authored animation. Get a quick glimpse at it down below, or read the full article here. From Gamasutra.com : " Waszak explained there are three main ways of driving physics to follow animations: either by using motors, velocities, or constraints. 

- The first method is motors. The motor is part of the joint constraint between rag doll bodies, and they use a specified animation target to generate the local force between connected bodies, That local force drives bodies to follow the animation target," he said.

- The second method is using velocities. In this case we compute a velocity needed to move the body from one place to another during a given frame time. In this way we can force the body to reach the animation target.

- The third method is using constraints. In this instance, we would create a new constraint between the dynamic body of the rag doll and the animation target, and all parameters for this constraint define how we force the dynamic body to follow the animation target."

In Jedi: Fallen Order, the Respawn team used motors to add physical animation. The technique was useful for creating believable collisions between enemies and objects like crates and wall ".

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